1. Perfect Little Town
Church Ladies  (Luanne, Connie, Betty)

2. The Horrible Herdmans
Full Cast, featuring:  Teddy, Elmer, Beth, Charlie, Ivy, Alice, Reverend Hopkins, Helen, Church Ladies, The Herdmans: (Imogene, Ralph, Leroy, Claude, Ollie, Gladys)

3. Counting on You
Helen, Church Ladies, Grace, Charlie, Beth, Bob

4. Take My Lunch
Charlie, Other Kids (Alice, Beth, Ivy, Elmer, Teddy), The Herdmans

5. Hey Mrs. Bradley
The Herdmans, Grace, Charlie, Beth, Other Kids (Alice, Teddy, Ivy, Elmer)

6. Problem
Helen, Grace

7. Baskets for the Needy
Reverend Hopkins, Church Ladies

8. My Mother Said
Alice, Ivy, Beth and Grace, Herdmans, Kids

9. Problem (Reprise)
Helen, Grace

10. Maybe
Grace, Bob

11. Die Herod Die
Imogene, Gladys, The Herdmans, Other Kids

12. Baskets for the Needy (Reprise)
Church Ladies, Rev. Hopkins

13. The Best Gift of All
The Herdmans, Grace

14. On a Night Like This
Imogene, The Herdmans, Other Kids

15. Let There Be Joy
Full Cast